Speedometer GPS APK (Latest Version) V4.123 For Android Download

Speedometer GPS APK

For drivers who wish to track their speed and position while driving, Speedometer GPS APK is a useful tool. It offers real-time speed readings, distance traveled, and other useful information thanks to its user-friendly UI and precise GPS technology.

The software also comes with a compass to aid with navigation and a speed restriction alarm to let users know when they go over the limit. Speedometer GPS APK version includes user-customizable options in addition to basic driving information to improve the user experience.

Users may customize the size of the speedometer display and select from a variety of color schemes. Additionally, they have the option to examine and post their driving history on social media.

Anyone who values safety and accuracy on the road should have a Speedometer GPS APK version, regardless matter whether they are a professional driver or just casual commuters. Start tracking your speed and location with confidence by downloading it right away.

Speedometer GPS APK Download

App Name:Speedometer GPS APK
Size:25.2 MB
Get it on:https://play.google.com/
Updated:Apr 3, 2023

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The Speedometer GPS APK

A smartphone software called Speedometer GPS APK employs GPS technology to give precise speed readings and position monitoring while driving. It is intended to aid drivers in keeping an eye on their speed, obeying the speed limit, and easily navigating to their destination.

Speedometer GPS APK Download
Speedometer GPS APK Free Download

Features OF Speedometer GPS APK:

These are Speedometer GPS APK’s major characteristics:

  • Real-time speed tracking:

Gives speed readings that are precise and current utilizing GPS technology.

  • Distance tracker:

Tally the distance covered throughout a journey.

  • Compass:

Helps drivers navigate by showing their current direction.

  • Speed limit alert:

Notifies drivers when they exceed the speed limit.

  • Customizable settings:

Allows users to change the color themes and size of the speedometer display.

  • Driving history:

Keeps a record of past trips, which can be shared with others via social media.

Speedometer GPS APP Free Download
Speedometer GPS APP Download
  • Accurate speed tracking.
  • Helps stay within speed limit.
  • Compass for navigation.
  • Customizable settings available.
  • Battery consumption.
  • GPS signal dependency.

Why download Speedometer GPS APK?

There are a number of good reasons to get a Speedometer GPS APK. By giving you precise speed readings and warning you when you go above the speed limit, it first and foremost aids in your continued safety on the road. Additionally, it provides useful tools like a compass and a distance tracker to aid with navigation and trip management. This software is a useful tool for any motorist trying to keep informed and in control while on the road because it has settings that are configurable and the opportunity to share your driving history.

Speedometer GPS APK For Android Download
Speedometer GPS APK For Android
Is this app updating automatically?
Yes, if you have Google Play Store on your mobile then it will be updated automatically when a new version is available.
Is It Legal To Use Speedometer GPS APK?
Yes, there is no issue to use this app. Because it is approved by Google Play Store.
Speedometer GPS APP For Android Download

What’s New

  • Export GPX to Excel.

Overall, Speedometer GPS APK is a reliable and useful app for anyone who wants to monitor their speed and location while driving. With its accurate readings and helpful features, it can help improve safety and enhance the driving experience.

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